Swimming Lesson Fees

Swimming Lessons are billed each term for 10 weeks.  If you start later in the term, for example, during the third week, you are only charged for the lessons from that week onwards.

Fees are debited in three equal payments via IntegraPay during the term.  Once you have joined our program, you will receive an activation email. Please activate your account by following the onscreen instructions.  Once set up, you will receive an email with the direct debit dates for that term.

  • Levels 1 – 7

    30 minute lessons done in 12.5m (Level 3 – 6) and 25m (Level 7) swimming distances to facilitate specific neurological pathway development.

    $20 per lesson

  • Levels 8 – 9

    45 minute lessons done in 25m – These lessons are the final lessons preparing your child for squad swimming.

    $25 per lesson

    Once they complete Level 9 they transition into our first Squad, the Development Squad

  • Private Lessons

    30 min Lessons are $50

    45 min Lessons are $70

    Please contact Clayfield Swimming directly to book in private lessons.  0407 690 226 or swimming@clayfield.qld.edu.au